IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH becomes part of Endress + Hauser

As of October 01, 2017, the Endress + Hauser Group assumes the business of IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH. "Endress + Hauser can address new customer segments and open up international markets for our products," says the company's founder Kurt Köhler. more

WORLD FIRST: SONO-WZ and the revolutionary TRIME measurement method based on radar technology enabling the world's first rapid and reliable determination of moisture content of fresh concrete directly on site and guarantees that future problems of all kinds at concrete plants can be ruled out. more
Things to know
IMKO has received several innovation awards for his TRIME-TDR technology.
E.g. Silver medal ...
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Comparison of TRIM-TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) and capacitive soil moisturesensors ...
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22th - 24th February 2018
Join our US-Partner MESA Systems Co. at Booth # 2135 at The Precast Show 2018

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The latest concrete probe - measures directly in the mixer.
Precision humidity and temperature measurement in bulk solids.
The ideal moisture sensor for silos.
Moisture measurement direct in the drying process of grain.
This is new

Join our US-Partner MESA Systems Co. at Booth # 2135 at The Precast Show 2018

With the brand new SONO-WZ you know in less than 2 minutes the water content of your fresh concrete. Kiln-drying of fresh concrete is out of date!

How do you find the right material moisture sensor. Here you can download the free document.


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The most advanced probe for moisture measurement of sand, gravel and grit

See who already benefits from SONO-Moisture-Probes.
The Products
Innovative data logger with wireless communication. Up to 48 sensors connectable.
Diagnostic & Monitoring of moisture based damage on existing concrete buildings..
The right solution for measuring moisture in boreholes up to 50m depth in rock and concrete..
The Products
The wireless solution for mobile moisture measurement.
the low-cost alternative for integrated TDR sensors.
Soil moisture sensor with integrated soil temperature measurement.
Ideal for irrigation management and soil moisture monitoring.
Optimal for sandy and loamy soils.
Tube-Probe access provides a fast, reliable and trouble-free measurements of water content profiles
Large measurement volume
Ideal for floors with high conductivity