Your benefits for soil moisture measurement
Cost Saving Time Saving
Cost and labour intensive sampling and drying techniques or complex and delicate logging techniques are things of the past. There are no legal restriction and conditions imposed on the use of TRIME®.

Direct measurement requiring only 10 seconds generates sustantial on-site time savings.

Representativity Reliability
Rapid measurement allows an greater number of measuring plots for a comprehensive survey of a given area in a short period of time. TRIME® has an excellent spatial resolution with a high penetration depth, and simultaneously offers high measurement precision even where salinity is high.
Easy Handling Mobility
The ingenious, waterproof, and robust devices and accessories make measuring procedures simple and provide a maximum of user friendliness. Sampling or spot-preparation are no longer necessary. TRIME® off-line systems are lightweight and compact, ensuring maximum mobility and fitting into almost any pocket. The internal battery allows up to 300 measurements.
Flexibility Universal but Individual
TRIME® on-line systems are modular and can be extended to suit your requirements. TRIME® devices are supplied with universal calibration for a wide variety of materials giving outstanding accuracy. But specific calibrations, too, can be performed by users themselves. i.e to effect calibrations for frequently occurring materials.
Precision Wide Measuring Range
Universal calibration gives measuring accuracy of up to +/- 1%, regardless of the material type, temperature, texture and bulk soil electrical conductivity up to 10 dS/m. The measuring range covers 0 .. 100 % volumetric water content.
GR Probe
Operating Principle

TRIME (Time domain Reflectometry with Intelligent MicroElements) is based on the TDR-technique (Time-Domain-Reflectometry), and was developed to measure the dielectric constant of a material. The metal rods, strips or plates are used as wave guides for the transmission of the TDR-signal. The TRIME-device generates a high-frequency-pulse (up to 1GHz) which propagates along the wave guides generating an electromagnetic field around the TRIME-probe. At the end of the wave guides, the pulse is reflected back to its source. The resulting transit time (10 ps..2ns) and dielectric constant are dependent on the moisture content of the material. IMKO has developed a patented measuring method. With this technology it is possible to measure the transit time with a resolution of 3 picoseconds!
The moisture content is calculated inside the TRIME-device and is available at standard analogue outputs. A network interface on PC is also connectable via the RS232/V24 for processing the acquired data.