The „Top 100“, a benchmarking project initiated by the compamedia GmbH and realised in cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) is awarding the most innovative enterprises in the country. This year, the IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH is amongst those awarded for their innovative power.

Ettlingen – an ingenious staff, the courage to wander on new paths, and the creative marketing of the subsequently developed new products have led this medium-sized enterprise to become a top performer within its field and join the exclusive “club” of Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Lothar Späth, the former Minister President of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and former Chairman of the Board of the Jenoptik AG, will hand out the Top100 certificate to the IMKO this Thursday in Rostock Warnemünde.

In Ettlingen, 17 staff members are constantly focused on the development of new products within the measuring technology sector which enable the precise determination of the water content. According application areas are, e.g. to be found in the building sector for construction materials, where deviations of the water content can lead to extensive damage, or, in the event of imminent natural disasters, where the precise evaluation of the expected precipitation amount virtually saves lives. 

If innovation is allocated top priority by the management and also constantly promoted by the same, projects profit in terms of a lower abort rate, realised more efficiently, and led to completion faster and more successfully as this has been revealed by surveys. This is no news to IMKO where this principle is being realised in practice all along. Approximately 40 % of their working hours is dedicated to potential novel products by the IMKO company management, Karsten und Kurt Köhler. This also includes consistent monitoring of the competition and the evaluation of their products or the verification of patents and utility patents. In order to ensure for the sufficient funding of the innovation activities of the enterprise, the enterprise dedicated 25% of its turnover to this issue. Consequently, the Ettlingen enterprise does dispose of several “product-aces in their sleeves“ still awaiting realisation. Always the best possible result in mind, the enterprise is open for options regarding co-operations and participations with other enterprises.

The Vienna University of Economics and Business conducted a survey of the innovation behaviour of 248 medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The 100 best performers are awarded the „Top 100“certificate for one year. This year IMKO is one of these. 
As stated by Karsten Köhler, one of the two Manging Directors of IMKO, „good ideas which are accepted by the market do not grow trees. It is rather a matter of consistent hard work on an every-day-basis. The fact that our commitment has now been rewarded is very thrilling to us and also confirms that we are on the right path. In a certain way, it also confirms that our prospects and capacity to generate innovative new products in the future can be seen positively“. 

Here you can download the document as a TOP 100 Acrobat-file.