IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH becomes part of Endress + Hauser

As of October 01, 2017, the Endress + Hauser Group assumes the business of IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH. "Endress + Hauser can address new customer segments and open up international markets for our products," says the company's founder Kurt Köhler. "As a family enterprise, Endress + Hauser also stands for the same values as IMKO's corporate culture." Kurt Köhler will continue to accompany the transition for another year. Mr. Karsten Köhler will continue to be responsible for sales and marketing.

For our customers, partners and suppliers everything remains as usual: the products, the brands as well as the respective contact person remain for granted.

We look forward together to a successful future!

Media Release Endress+Hauser

Group photo with the new owners of Endress + Hauser. Links on the picture Mr. Dr. Andreas Mayr (Managing Director E + H Maulburg), right in the picture Mr. Holger Reichhold (CFO). In between, the motivated IMKO team.


From March 2017 you will find us under new business address!

After more than 20 years at Im Stoeck 2, we will be moving on 1 March 2017 to our new premises Am Reutgraben 2 in Ettlingen. Due to our steady growth, our current company building has become too small, so we have doubled our space and now we are well prepared for future challenges.

From 01 March 2017 you can find us at the following address:

IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH
Am Reutgraben 2
76275 Ettlingen
Our new company building is only a few steps away from our current location. More specifically, on the other side of the road, which allows us to move relatively quickly.

Nothing changes in the other contact possibilities. By telephone, by e-mail and fax, we are still available under the existing numbers and addresses. Only during the relocation will the availability be limited at short notice.
We are already looking forward to our new premises, and would like to welcome you personally after the move.
If you have any questions about our availability during the move, please contact us directly.


IMKO wins the bauma Innovation Award 2016

The IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH got the award for the developed of their water/cement analyzer SONO-WZ, a hand-held meter that can be quickly, safely and easily determine the water content of fresh concrete. After entering the parameters of the concrete, the measuring probe is repeatedly dipped in a concrete-filled bucket. After entering the parameters of the concrete, the measuring probe is repeatedly dipped in a concrete-filled bucket. The display shows the current water content. Long waiting times as in the currently used Darr method does not exist. Premature setting of the concrete is thus prevented, thereby increasing the quality and durability of concrete structures.
State Minister Ilse Aigner presented us with a wonderful event the winner certificate in the Allerheiligen Church in Munich.


SONO moisture probes, the new dimension to quality control - just as efficient as it is economic!

The quality of fresh concrete is the decisive factor for the stability and durability of concrete constructions. Parameters, such as moisture, cement content, and slope are hereby the decisive factors. Only if they are controlled, can an ideal quality be warranted on a long term basis. The new SONO sensors convince with innovative features:

  • Exact moisture values and material composition with RbC (Radar-based- Conductivity).
  • Auto-Calibration after abrasion and therefore long time stability.
  • Integrated evaluation without need of additional evaluation units and therefore a better price performance in comparison to other moisture probes.
  • Simple configuration and interface for network operation.
  • In comparison to Microwave probes, SONO probes provide accurate measurement values even when aggregates are exposed to steam in winter and where the sand and the gravel feature differing grain sizes.
Further advantages in many applications of the well proven SONO sensors can be seen when you look through the downloadable brochures.
If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us. Videos on the use of SONO probes you can see here: Youtube - Channel of IMKOtdr


Accurate - robust- wireless / The innovative solution for mobile moisture measurement

Use PICO-BT with Bluetooth technology to control your PICO sensor and save measurement data on any commercially available PDA with Bluetooth and Windows Mobile. PICO-BT is specially designed for heavy duty applications and functions even in the most extreme conditions. The integrated Class 2 Bluetooth module enables you to easily obtain a range of 10 metres.


Brand new product range TRIME-PICO sensors

Our new soil-moisture sensors are the most precise and durable sensors we have ever constructed. Combined with our Bluetooth module PICO-BT, this unit becomes a highly accurate, wireless, and mobile moisture measurement system that meets even the highest scientific demands. Find out for yourself how our innovations can make your moisture measurement even more accurate, easier and convenient.


TRIME®-IPH probe head is now available in new modularly design.

IMKO has reacted on the wishes of his customers and developed a brand new modularly design for the IPH probe. The cable is more rugged and easy to maintain by 7-pin female connecter.


News from research: DynTDR-project

The real-time detection of soil water content of arable land using a TDR Sensor was developed in a joint project of the University of Hohenheim and IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH from Nov.2003 to Nov.2006 as part of the BMBF program “Agricultural engineering – integrated environmental protection in agriculture”. The project duration was extended to Dez.2007. Main focus of the project extension is the test of the developed sensor in the field praxis.


News from research: ILEWS-project

Since May 1st, 2007 IMKO participates in a research project for early warning systems in earth management as part of the BMBF/ DFG special program “GEOTECHNOLOGIES”. The collaborative project is a joint partnership of the University of Bonn, the University of Vienna, the University of Dortmund and the companies Terrestris (Bonn), GeoFact (Bonn), geomer GmbH (Heidelberg) and IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH (Ettlingen). The project aims the development of an integrative early warning system for gravitational mass movements (project short title “ILEWS”). Dr.Ing. Rolf Becker (IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH) presides the cluster “Monitoring”. Within this cluster IMKO contributes coordination, integration and optimisation of a multi-sensor system for monitoring gravitational mass movements. The project duration is May 2007-May 2010.