SONO-SILO: The reliable Silo Sensor with RbC

The exact measurement of moisture even in bulk materials with higher mineral content which dispose of a pore water conductivity of up to 12dS/m - the quality guarantee where conventional capacitive sensors either fail or deliver unreliable values.

SONO-SILO:The reliable Silo Sensor with RbC
The exact solution for:

  • Bulk Materials Industry
  • Chemical- and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Feed Production
  • Glass-Ceramic Industry

  • The TRIME technology ensures safe measurements even under difficult conditions, e.g. if the bulk material contains conductive elements with up to 12dS/m pore water conductivity. The radar-based evaluation of the conductance (RbC – Radar based Conductance) enables to establish the mineral content in the measured material and consequently ensures an improved quality control.
  • The sensor head and the electronics dispose of a modular construction. In case of a mechanical break down of the sensor head, the same can be exchanged easily. The existing SONO electronics remain unaffected.
  • Highest Reliability in comparison to Microwave probes, SONO probes provide accurate measurement values even when aggregates are exposed to steam in winter and where the sand and the gravel feature differing grain sizes.
  • In case of abrasion, a recalibration is hardly necessary.
  • The intelligent pre-processing of the measurement values featuring smooth mean value accumulation, adjustable filters, and up to 15 calibration curves for the calibration which is already conducted in the sensor itself. Usually, external evaluation devices are not required.
  • Two variably adjustable analogue outputs 0(4)...20mA allow the easy connection to any currently existing control system.
  • A RS485 interface enables network operation of the sensor. It already contains a data bus protocol for the connection of several SONO sensors. The connection of the sensor to industrial buses such as Profibus, Ethernet, etc. is possible via optional external modules (available uponrequest).

Sensor Design
SONO-SILO Standard: Casing Probe: High Grade Steel V2A 1.4301 and highly abrasion-resistant aluminium oxide ceramic.
SONO-SILO Concrete: Casing Probe: Hardened Steel and highly abrasion-resistant aluminium oxide ceramic.
SONO-SILO PTFE: Casing Probe: Anti-adhesive PTFE.
Casing Electronic Head: High Grade Steel V2A 1.4301
Sensor Dimensions: 55 x 350mm (Diameter x Length))
The sensor can be installed into silos with tube extensions. The length of the tubeextension is dependent on the installation facility. The mounting flange can bescrewed on to the rear side of any silo, container or hopper.
A pivot-retainer for the installation into a silo is available on request!
A gas- and waterproofed tube fitting is available on request!
Measurement Range Moisture
The sensor measures from 0% up to the point of material saturation. Measurementranges up to 90% moisture are possible with a material specific calibration.
Measurement Range Conductivity
The sensor, as a material-specific characteristic value, delivers the radar-based conductance (RbC – Radar-based-Conductance).
SONO-SILO Standard and PTFE: 0..12dS/m conductivity
SONO-SILO Concrete: 0...40dS/m conductivity
The conductivity range is reduced in measurement ranges >50%.
Measurement Data-Preprocessing
MEASUREMENT MODE CF: For slow measurement operations with the optionof the smooth mean value accumulation including filtering with accuracies of upto 0.1%.
MEASOREMENT MODE CS: For fast measurement operations (withoutaveraging) with up to 100 internal measurements per second and with a cycletime of 200 milliseconds at the analogue output.
Power Supply
+7V to +30V DC, 1,5 W max.
Ambient Conditions
0 - 70°C; A higher temperature range is available upon request!
Signal Output
2 x Analogue Outputs 0(4)…20mA
Output 1: Moisture in % (variably adjustable)
Output 2: Conductivity (RbC) or optionally the temperature.
The two analogue outputs can be variably aligned with the SONO-CONFIGsoftware. For a 0-10V DC voltage output, a 500R resistor can be installed.
The sensor is provided with a universal calibration. A maximum of 15 differentcalibrations can be stored. For special materials, variable calibrations withpolynomials up to the 5th order are possible and can be downloaded into thesensor with the SONO-CONFIG software (Download per Internet). A zero pointcorrection can be performed easily with the SONO-CONFIG software..
A RS485 interface enables network operation of the sensor, whereby a databus protocol for the connection of several SONO sensors to the RS485 isimplemented by default. The connection of the sensor to industrial buses suchas Profibus, Ethernet, etc. is possible via optional external modules (availableupon request).
Connector Plug
The sensor is equipped with a robust 10-pole MIL flange connector. Ready made connection cables with MIL connectors are available in the lengths 4m, 10m, or 25 m.
Measurement Field Expansion
Approximately 50 - 80 mm, depending on material and moisture.