Grain moisture measurement direct inside the dryer or silo.
Representative, fast and precise with the most modern TDR technology.

  • Direct measurement of moisture in the material
  • Continuous data logging concerning the moisture level
  • Optimum and precise process control throughout all cycles
  • Lower product value losses as the result of over- or under-drying
  • Savings in heating costs and power consumption

TRIME®-GW monitors the water content and optimizes
your process control.

With TRIME®-GW you can directly control the grain moisture even during the drying process without taking any samples! Problematic, indirect measuring techniques, such as via extracted air or temperature, are now things of the past. TRIME®-GW directly measures the water content of the product being dried regardless of the grade, temperature or mineral content of the goods being measured. That way, you can continuously monitor the water content of the goods being dried and optimize the process control.


Reduce your drying costs with the measuring system
of the future!

Whether it’s a continuous/roof dryer, float dryer, feed-and-turn drier or a belt dryer - TRIME®-GW with rod, surface or wedge probes is your inspection window for every dryer! Thanks to the trouble-free connection to the programmable logic controller (PLC) or the limiting value switch, it is possible to have an automatic operation free of any problems. Considerable savings and work-reducing potential in operation that also provide security!

The TRIME®-GW probe series offers optimal probe designs for many different applications. Every probe also has an integrated temperature sensor, thus offering the option of measuring material temperature.

GR Probe
Standard GR probe

The standard GR probe can be installed up to a depth of 150 mm directly in the grain dryer’s wall. At temperatures of up to 127°C and a measuring volume of approximately 2 liters, the GR probe offers optimal conditions for all materials that can be easily poured. With the temperature sensor attached to the tip of the rod, you can easily measure the correct temperature directly in the goods.
The body of the probe is made of temperature-stable PEEK plastic which has been approved for use with food products. It thus guarantees the trouble-free operation of the moisture probe under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Probe dimensions GR probe: Ø 70mm, Höhe 75mm; Rod dimensions: Ø 8mm, Length: 150mm

GR Probe
Wedge-shaped probe WS2 / WS3 (The illustration shows WS3)

Due to their wedge-shaped designs, the WS2 and WS3 probes can be inserted directly into the material to be measured without any significant compaction
The wedge-shaped probe can be used wherever medium-to-high moisture levels or high conductivity and high mineral contents are expected in the materials being measured. For instance, in malt houses and malt-extracting plants.
With the WS3 probe, moisture levels of up to 70% can be detected.

Probe dimensions WS2: 70 x 105 x 26mm, Rod dimensions: Ø 10mm, Length: 150mm
Probe dimensions WS3: 80 x 80 x 25mm, Rod dimensions: Ø 6mm, Length: 100mm

GR Probe
Surface probe GS1 / GS2 (The illustration shows GS1)

The GS1 and GS2 surface probes are especially suitable for applications in which an optimal flow of material has to be guaranteed, and where rods could have a negative influence. The dripping property of the goods being measured (e.g., flour, middlings, wood shavings, etc.) is unaffected by the surface probes.

The large measuring volume of the GS1 guarantees precise measuring results, even with goods that are very difficult to measure, such as wood shavings with a density of < 0,2 g/cm3. Belt dryers constitute another area in which the surface probe is widely used.

Probe dimensions GS1: 280 x 70 x 40mm
Probe dimensions GS2: 250 x 40 x 30mm

GR Probe
1-ROD Line Probe at metallic wall.

1-ROD LINE Probe

A 1-rod probe can be used in applications for measurement of larger material volumes inside a storage silo or in a grain dryer at up to 80°C temperature range. The metallic wall of the silo, container or dryer acts as the second rod of the 1-ROD LINE Probe. This means that the moisture of the material is measured which lies between the metallic wall and the rod. Dependent on material and density, rod length are possible between 1 and 4 meter. Optionally the 1-ROD LINE Probe can be delivered with an integrated temperature sensor and in different thicknesses. It can be installed with flexible glass fiber holders on a metallic wall or suspended on springs and fitted into a metal frame. Versatile use of materials like hops, wood chips, maize, wheat, rye, triticale, oilfruits and many others.

Renowned companies place their trust in the
TRIME®-TDR technology

Anheuser Logo

Anheuser-Busch Breweries (USA), malting houses

  • TRIME®-GW became factory standard
  • Approxim. 180 systems

Stela Logo

Stela Laxhuber GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), cereal drying

  • TRIME®-GW became standard for dryer automatic control FRA450
  • Approxim. 280 systems

Proctor&Gamble Logo

Proctor & Gamble (USA)

  • coffee drying
Nidera Logo

Nidera (Argentina)

  • sunflower & soja drying
Liros Logo

AB Liros (Sweden)

  • cereal drying
  • standard option in Liros dryer control systems

TRIME®-GW, Grain moisture measurement system
Power supply: 9V..36V DC
Power: Depends on the supply voltage:
150mA@24V DC respectively 250mA@12V DC
Measuring range:

Probe GR, WS2, GS1, GS2

0..45% gravimetric, based on wet mass

Probe WS3

0..70% gravimetric, based on wet mass
Standard deviation: range 0..20%: 0,6%
range 20..45%: 1%
range 45..70%: 2%
Repeating accuracy: +/- 0,3%
Transducer temperature range: -10°C..60°C
advanced temperature range on request!
Probe temperature range: 0..127°C; short-time up to 150°C
Measurement interval: constant mean calculation over
adjustable period (20s to 20min)
Interface: IMP232 MICRONET or RS232/V24
Analog output: 0 or 4..20mA = 0 .. 100% grav. moisture
(max. working resistance: 300 W)
Probe cable-length: standard 2,5m
Case: weatherproof, robust aluminium diecast IP65
Probe body: waterproof sealed PEEK IP68