TRIME Logger

globeLog® - The new generation of data loggers

  • Up to 48 TRIME®-probes and other IMKO sensor modules are connectable
  • 2 MByte data storage capacity
  • Data transfer via cellular radio
  • Internet data visualisation
  • Robust, lightweight, weatherproof (IP67)
  • Easy programming
  • Ultra Low Power

A small field data logger for soil moisture and other measurement parameters which works under extreme environmental conditions. With protection up to IP67, the globeLog® is ideal for applications in agrotechnique, geology, building industry, meteorology, soil science and others.

TRIME® system technology is as intelligent as the measurement method itself. IMKO offers numerous other peripheral SM-sensor modules, enabling the system to be applied to special tasks and major projects. This is another important argument for using TRIME® and the ENVIS® system as an ideal measurement technique for determining soil moisture and other measurement parameters.

  • Modular, flexible, and extendable set-up of TRIME® probes and other sensors inside the IMP-Bus network
  • Simple network administration with software package globeLog control

Set out below is a selection of the sensors and data-aquisition modules in the IMKO range: Hygrometer/temperature probe, radiation meter, barometer, air velocity and air direction indicator, rain gauge, tensiometer, tree sensors, and special sensors on request!

Datalogger globeLog Network example zoom

Datalogger globeLog: up to 48 environmental sensors in field project

Quite honestly: do you want to learn programming or just record measurement data? There‘s no shortage of analogue data loggers. But it‘s difficult to understand why. They are expensive and most of them are extremely difficult to operate because they require laborious programming. The operating manuals for these analogue data loggers are generally thick files with programming instructions. IMKO‘s globeLog introduces a totally new generation of data loggers! Network-based and child‘s play
to use with its intuitive globeLog software for Windows PCs. Besides the creating the ultimate data safety system, rapid and intuitive learning of how to operate the logger were given top priority. The result: All you have to do is enter the serial number of the connected sensors and select the measuring rate. And your are ready to start straight away because the globeLog takes care of the rest itself. Without any programming!

IMKO offers a wide range of standard meteorological and hydrological sensors:

Datalogger globeLog with Sensors


Low cost data transmission using a PrePaid Card.
The transmission costs are very low in most countries. In Germany
and China daily transfer for less than 1 EUR/Month is possible.
(Configuration example: 10 Sensors, hourly measuring, transmission
every 4 hours = ~ 20 kB data size = 5 Cent transmission costs.)*
* 25 Cent/MB data transfer

Datalogger globeLog®


Datenlogger globeLog®


- protection class

- dimensions

- weight

- connectors

- IP67

- 175 x 80 x 55mm

- 1,1kg

- circular plug-in connector with inserted nuts, Binder Serie 723

Power supply:

- external

- Power consumption:

Sleep (between the measurements)

Idle (active, but no measurement)

During the measurement

During the data communication

- 10..24V/DC (12V recommended)

- approx. 0,1mA

- approx. 10mA

- approx. 35mA (only Logger, sensors according to configuration of the system)

- 30..50mA according to network quality


- Logger

- Modem

- from -40 to +60°C

- from -20 to +60°C (sub-limit selectable, lower than -10°C with limited functionality)

On-site data transmission:

- Interface

- required Software

- required Hardware

- RS232

- GlobeLogControl

- Windows-PC with Windows2000 or higher

Remote data transmission:

- Hardware

- Data service

- Transfer protocol

- Transfering costs (daily data transmission)

- required Software (for remote maintenance and data storage)

- required Hardware

- Internal Quad-Band GSM-Modem


- http

- Lower than 1€ (in Germany, country-specific, nevertheless you have to pay only for local connection)

- GlobeLogControl

- Windows-PC with Internet access, Windows2000 or higher, data will be transfered via e-mail by the globeLog Logger

Data storage/Data logging:

- Storage type

- Memory size

- Organisation

- Measuring interval

- Number of measured data

- Erasing of measured data

- data memory Flash (non-volatile memory)

- 2MB

- Data will be recorded until the memory is full. Further accumulating data will be lost

- 1min..12h

- >250.000

- on-site or via remote data transmission DFÜ (optional)

Input channels:

- IMP-Bus 1-4

IMP-Bus 1-3

IMP-Bus 4

- Housekeeping channels

- Up to 48 channels (Sensors can be up to 3-channels)

- For Sensors with switched supply voltage (is switched of between the measurements)

For Sensors with permanent voltage

- 1x internal temperature
- 1x supply voltage
- 1x voltage of back-up battery

Internal Clock:

- Type

- Accuracy

- Synchronisation


Remote data transmission

- Power supply

- Real-time clock

- maximum aberration 2 sec per day (adjustable in sensitivity depending on ambient temperature)

- manual with GlogLogControl Software

- automatically while each data transmission

- via supply voltage; during a power failure on the internal buffer battery (lifetime 4-6 years)


- Power cord

- RS232-cord

- CD with GlobeLogControl Software

- Manual

- 2m with 5-pol Binder connector and 2x Banana plug

- 6-pol Binder connector und DB9 connector

- Windows2000 oder higher

- English