PICO-BT the innovative solution for mobile moisture measurement
Bluetoothmodule PICO-BT

  • Wireless Class 2 Bluetooth module
  • Connectable Probes: PICO64, PICO32, PICO-IPH/T3
  • Up to 10 meter range
  • Optimal power management
  • Number of measurements with one charge: > 1500

Accurate - robust- wireless
The innovative solution for mobile moisture measurement

Use PICO-BT with Bluetooth technology to control your PICO sensor and save measurement data on any Android device with Bluetooth. PICO-BT is specially designed for heavy duty applications and functions even in the most extreme conditions. The integrated Class 2 Bluetooth module enables you to easily obtain a range of 10 metres.

The internal rechargeable battery is also the power supply for your PICO sensor. Up to 1500 measurements are possible when fully charged depending on the application profile. A quick look at the 4 LEDs on the face of the instrument always keeps you informed about which actions are being performed at a particular time. Operating PICO-BT couldn’t be easier. The PICO-BT module is immediately ready to use at the touch of a button.

PICO-BT the Bluetooth module for the PICO sensors

TRIME-Blue the management software for PICO sensors
Your Bluetooth module PICO-BT includes our easy-to-use TRIME-Blue software Android. To make it even easier to operate we can provide the software in 3 different languages: German, English, and Chinese.
TRIME-Blue’s individual menus are set out clearly and can all be reached with a single touch of your fingertip.

TRIME-Blue‘s graphical user interface is optimised for single-handed field applications

TRIME-Blue is optimised for single-handed field applications
Software TRIME-Blue

Rapid and simple measurements
Simply insert your TRIME-PICO sensor into the ground and start the measurement process by pressing your TRIME-Blue software’s “MEAS” button. You receive an accurate moisture reading within only 2 seconds. In the case of buried sensors you also receive a reading for the soil temperature. The readings are saved directly in the system along with the time and date, enabling you to track what was measured when.

Save readings reliably
You also have the option of giving a specific designation to measuring locations and saving the reading under this name.

Customised calibration
TRIME-PICO sensors are supplied with precise soil calibration and can be used straightaway. If you prefer, you can perform the calibration process yourself and save the results in the sensor. TRIME-Blue recognises the saved calibrations in the sensor and displays them in TRIME-Blue for easy selection.

Effortless export of readings
Do you want to use your readings in other systems? No problem. Your
saved data can be exported easily in any application.

PICO-BT is designed for extreme environmental conditions
Robust design for outdoor use

TRIME-Blue with Android Smartphone
TRIME-Blue with Android Smartphone

University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany

The TRIME-PICO series is the most innovative solution for highly-accurate moisture measurement. We have carried out tests with the instruments usually available on the market and none of them except TRIME was able to achieve a high level of accuracy in very saline soil. And thanks to Bluetooth, interfering wires are a thing of the past in mobile applications in the field. Top marks from us for the TRIME measurement system.

Prof. Dr. Christof Hübner

PICO-BT module

Connectable Probes: PICO64, PICO32, PICO-IPH/T3

Class 2 Bluetooth© module, Bluetooth© specification 2.0 compatible

Up to 10 meter range

Ni-MH (4 x 1.2V) (AA) Rechargeable Batteries, 1000mAh

Optimal power management

Number of measurements with one charge: > 1500

Operating Temperature: -20°C...70°C

Software TRIME-Blue

Platform: Android 4.x or higher

3 different languages: German, English and Chinese

Easy to install and use

Stores many thousand measurements

Up to 15 user defined calibrations selectable

Intuitive user interface

Touch screen operation

Requires less memory