Soil Moisture Sensor PICO64 Measure Moisture in Soil, Sand and Gravel
  • Highest accuracy by the use of the latest TDR electronics
  • NEW: Measures 3 important Parameter:
    • Water Content
    • Temperature
    • Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Salt Content
  • NEW: with SDI-12 interface
  • Measure direct 0...100% vol. soil water content
  • Bulk soil electrical conductivity up to 20dS/m
  • Large measurement volume > 1250ml
  • Rugged (IP68), proven and suitable for long-term installations

A reliable, practical and easy-to-use Determination of Soil Conductivity and Salt Content with TRIME Probes: PICO 64, PICO 32 and PICO IPH T3/44.

IMKO´s TRIME TDR-probes can now report soil EC as standard simultaneously with soil moisture content percentage. A manual conversion based on researched curves for different soil types enables the user to derive a soil EC expressed in mg/l TDS (total dissolved salts).

  • TRIME probes measure conductivity with the same large soil volume as it will be used for the TDR moisture measurement. The contact of the probe rods inside the soil is far less critical as with "galvanic" EC probes with a point to point measurement where even small air gaps lead to significant deviations.
  • TRIME probes use coated and therefore isolated rods which guarantee the non-appearance of galvanic accumulation along the rods allowing for long-run installations over many years. Unisolated rods means there is a risk of galvanic reactions and possible influence on the sensor´s reading with serious problems when the probes must be removed from larger depths due to a rod cleaning.
  • TRIME probes measure moisture and conductivity very precisely at a frequency of 1GHz with a better and more exact separation of moisture and conductivity in comparison to capacitive probes with lower frequencies. This means that in practice, a reliable determination of the pore water conductivity ECw and respectively TDS (mg of salt per liter water) is possible at different moisture levels.
  • All TRIME probes work with a concurrently basic calibration for moisture and conductivity. This allows a check of the limits of saline stress in soils according to standards of FAO2006 for specific soils.


TRIME-PICO64 Sensor mit integrierter TDR-Elektronik

IMKO‘s intelligent TRIME-PICO rod probes are highly sophisticated high-tech devices and extremely robust. A unique feature is their integrated TDR electronics, thus achieving the greatest accuracy and best networking capability e.g. digital network cable lengths of up to 3 km are possible for the IMP-Bus version. In contrast to other methods TRIME-PICO is less effected by disturbing variables such as temperature or electrical conductivity. An integrated temperature sensor gives valuable additional information.
Installation Bodenfeuchtesensor TRIME-PICO64
For in situ monitoring of volumetric moisture in soils and other porous materials. The large measuring volume permits high spatial resolution. Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation. Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation. Due to its mechanical robustness TRIME-PICO64 is recommended for mobile use together with Bluetoothmodule PICO-BT or rugged display unit HD2.
  • TRIME-PICO64is the sensor for maximum accuracy in materials with bulk electrical conductivity of up to 12dS/m (Bulk-Soil-Conductivity)
  • Large measuring volume more than 1250ml
  • The best solution for heterogeneous and stony soils
University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany

The TRIME-PICO series is the most innovative solution for highly-accurate moisture measurement. We have carried out tests with the instruments usually available on the market and none of them except TRIME was able to achieve a high level of accuracy in very saline soil. And thanks to Bluetooth, interfering wires are a thing of the past in mobile applications in the field. Top marks from us for the TRIME measurement system.

Prof. Dr. Christof Hübner

Wireless data management with a Palm-PC
and Windows-Mobile

Use PICO-BT with Bluetooth technology to control your PICO sensor and save measurement data on any commercially available PDA with Bluetooth and Windows Mobile. PICO-BT is specially designed for heavy duty applications and functions even in the most extreme conditions. The integrated Class 2 Bluetooth module enables you to easily obtain a range of 10 metres.

...more information about the PICO-BT Module

Wireless soil moisture measurement with PICO-BT

Measurement with rugged mobile meter HD2

The IMKO HD2 - measuring the soil moisture content, the soil conductivity EC, and the level of salt contamination can now be performed as fast and easy as never before! Within two seconds, the moisture content value, the temperature, and the soil conductivity EC are displayed on the clear display. All of the TRIME-PICO probes can connected to the HD2: TRIME-PICO 64, TRIME-PICO 32 and TRIME-PICO IPH T3/44.

...more information about the HD2


Power supply:


Power consumption:

100mA @ 12V/DC during 2..3sec. of measuring

Moisture measuring range:

0..100% volumetric water content

Accuracy (in % volumetric water content):

conductivity range:



> 20dS/m

Moisture range 0..40%:



with material
specific calibration

Moisture range 40..70%:



Repeating accuracy:



Temperature caused drift of electronics
(full range):


Soil temperature measuring range:


Soil temperature measuring accuracy:

±1,5°C absolute, ±0,5°C relative

Measurement volume:

1,25L ≙ 160x100mm diameter

Operating Temperature:

-15°C...50°C (extended temperature range on request)


Calibration for a wide range of standard soil types (in accordance with Topp (equation))

standard calibration for most soils
customizable material specific calibration
storage of up to 15 user defined calibration curves
calibration of dialectric permittivity is possible

Probe body:

waterproof sealed PVC (IP68)


155 x Ø63mm

Rod lenght:

standard: 160mm

Rod diameter:



Analogue output: 2x 0..1V, 0(4)..20mA*

Interfaces Application Cable length Connector
RS485 & analogue mobile for HD2 & PICO-BT 1,5m 7-pin female
IMP-BUS for globeLog datalogger 5m (special length on request) 4-pin female
RS485, IMP-BUS & analogue for analogue datalogger
Optional: E-BOX (cabel extension box)
Optional available for cable extension and current output: C-BOX (0,1V zu 0(4)..20mA converter box)
5m (special length on request) 10-pin end splices
SDI-12, IMP-BUS & analogue for SDI-12 datalogger 5m (special length on request) 9-pin end splices